10 Healthy Hair Habits

10 Healthy Hair Habits

We’re so happy here at Hibiscus Beauty that more women are embracing their natural hair regardless of texture or curl pattern. However, when we look to YouTube or Instagram we noticed that people have become more preoccupied with length than with the health of their hair. Just like your body mind and soul, health is wealth. Healthy hair will flourish and is more likely to retain length, unless you are scissor happy. Here are 12 healthy habits to implement for real changes in the health of your hair.


1. Feed Your Hair

People always say this but it true “beautiful hair start within”. You want waist length hair, lay off the Flamin' Hot Cheetos (no shade). Meals rich in nutrients for hair health and vitality are more essential than magic hair growth oils and vitamins, which should just be a little booster.


2. Take Your Vitamins

Any nutrients that need a little boost can be booster by taking vitamins. However, you should know that vitamins don’t magically make your diet complete. You need to eat a balance diet and have some vitamins on the side to really see your hair flourish.



3. Protect Your Hair 

Keep your hair in a protective style for up to 4-6 weeks. Tucking your ends away in a style that requires no or low-manipulation will help you to retain the heath of your ends and therefore the length of your hair.



4. Deep Condition As Directed!

Deep condition your hair after protective styling for a long period. But don’t over do it. I’ve heard of people deep conditioning overnight either because they genuine believe it is necessary or they just got lazy half-way through wash-day and wanted to go to bed. Either way, don’t do it. Deep condition as directed. If the bottle or tube of conditioner say 5 mins, do it for 5 mins. If it says 20 minutes, deep condition for 20 mins. Follow the instructions! Over deep conditioning can and will lead to hydro-fatigue.


5. In Need of a Massage?

No, not that kind of massage, a scalp massage.

Scalp massages not only increase the blood flow to the scalp, encouraging growth. They also stimulate the follicles to produce thicker hair.



6. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!

The best way to really seal in moisture (water) into your hair is to apply your leave-in, oil, butter, cream, styler etc onto damp hair. Some people swear by the L.O.C. or L.C.O method some people just use a liquid and oil. Try them out, and see what works for you. Don’t force something because you favourite Youtube says so.


7. Your Texture is Unique

Not even identical twins have the same hair type! Embrace your texture, Embrace it! Whether its 3C or 4Z, embrace your curls.

I remember back in the day I used to follow Mahogany Curls in the hope that one day my 4Z hair would magically look like hers. Guess what? It never happened. Some of us grew up believing good hair looked a certain way, or just wanted a completely different hair texture. If you really have no idea where to start, look for advice from people with a hair-type similar to yours.


8. Consistency is Key

Implement and stick to a hair routine. It is different for everyone. There is no one size fits all. Some people deep condition, shampoo co-wash, etc weekly, others bi-monthly. Find a routine that works for you.


9. Avoid Heat

Too much or improper use of heat can lead to dry, brittle hair, breakage, and split ends. You don’t have to swear off heat forever, as it can be necessary in some cases (like deep conditioning). Just be careful with your technique and how much and often you use heat.

You must:

Prepare your hair for heat styling by using a heat protectant, it will prevent heat damage.




10. Don’t Stress, Girl

Stressing does nothing for your mental health and nothing for your hair. Stress actually shows up in your hair. Everyone knew someone at uni who was mad stressed about exams and their hair just didn’t take to it. Whether it felt like it stopped growing or just dropped out. This is the worse case scenario but it can happen. Keep calm and carry on ;)


If you know of any other healthy hair habits, don’t be afraid to let us know in the comments :)

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