10 Tips for Every Natural Nomad



Traveling with curly hair can be ALOT, we know that. Travelling with is exhausting. Living in a country without your “curly girl” must-haves is  . As someone who has relocated to Japan and uses Japan as a home base when travelling, I know. The last thing you want to be thinking about or doing is your hair, while you see the world. But of course you want to look good in your holiday pics for the gram. Obviously.


Here are 10 tips to make travelling with curly hair more doable:


  1. Style and Go

Before you leave home or before that long trip implement protective styling. Braids, twists, something to keep your hair stretched with your fragile ends tucked away.


  1. Snip, snip.

Make sure you check your ends, and trim them if need be before you leave. There’s no point putting in a protective style with straggly or split ends. It defeats the purpose of growing healthy hair.


  1. TSA, Don’t play!

The size and amount of liquids/products you can put in your carry -on carry depends on the country you are travelling to and from. Please check before hand..

Girl. Girl. You don’t want to find out the hard way.

Can I get a moment of silence for all the hair products that have been thrown away at the airport, all over the world?  Thank you.


  1. Only Pack your Holy Grails.

Only pack the essentials. We all know someone who has to pack their whole life, when they go abroad. You don’t need to pack all your hair products to be able to travel with natural hair. Product junkie, I’m looking at you. Prioritise, only pack the essentials what I mean by this is a deep conditioner, a protein treatment and a leave-in. And please don’t forget to pack your detangling comb or brush. These are the must-haves for your carry-on. It tends to mean smaller sizes, but if your bag goes missing or is delayed you won’t have that bad hair day.


If you are travelling with a checked bag wrap your full-size bottles in a plastic bag or swap the lids for spillproof ones. Or if you're extra, do both. Only add your personal wash-day essentials to your packing list. If you’re real extra, put your hair products in both your carry on and checked bag. If you want to be a bag lady, do you sis.


When travelling for long periods (over a month), it may be best for you to buy some products. I understand when travelling you don’t want the hassle of looking and having to buy any products along the way. However, if you are travelling for longer than a month it is inevitable that you are going to need more supplies. If you are wondering where, Hibiscus Beauty now ships all over Asia*!! We aim to ship our products across the world very soon.


  1. Girl, please please check the weather.

Knowing what the weather will be like informs not only your clothing choices, but which hair-care products, accessories, and tools to pack. If it will by cold and dry pack a thicker creamy deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner, compared to a hot and humid climate, in which you’ll need lighter spray leave-in conditioner.

  1. Know your hair.

You need to know you hair. After awhile you'll get bored of a puff and want to switch it iup. a Learn how to do simple quick haIrstyles that look good with minimal effort. Youtube is your friend.. Check out ladies or gentlemen with your hair-type for hairspiration.



  1. Head Scarf and Hats

Just like when you have a bad hair day back home or you don’t know what to do with your hair, you tie up your hair. Or you wear a hat. Remember to pack such items with you, when you’re travelling.  There are going to be days when you’re lazy and you just want a headscarf. You will look cute and no one will know about the hot mess that lies beneath.


  1. Sexy Silk

We all know cotton pillowcases ain’t it. Cotton sucks up the moisture from your strands. Pack yourself a silk pillow case. They can be a little pricey, but you only need one. Cheaper alternatives include satin or synthetic silk pillow cases.


  1. Look at you all cute, but for how long?

Girl you just got your hair done, don’t be messing it up!

Wrap your hair on the flight. Yes you might look different to your fellow travellers but so what. You’re the one waking up with a whole new look and not in a good way. The hot mess way, just so you know.


 10. Enjoy it!

Enjoy travelling with curly hair. It’s a part of who you are. Take pride in that. Remember that in some countries they don’t see natural hair often or at all. (Even in Japan, I still get stared at by grown-ass adults when my hair is in an afro puff.) Show the locals the beauty of your naturally curly hair. But don’t let ‘em touch it without asking- language barrier or not. You know when someone is trying to ask, girl.


If you have any new tips on looking after your hair while travelling, let us know in the comments :) 


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