5 Ways To Fix Your Hair Fails

By Ordinary Escapism  | 12.05.2020 

Photo courtesy of @anagodf via nappy.co

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Wash day, the day you spend time and money cleansing, refreshing and perfecting your curls. It isn't such a great day for everyone, sometimes you feel disappointed when you watched that youtube video 100+ times and follows all the instructions to a T and the results quite frankly suck. In your frustration you may even feel deceived by the natural hair guru you follow (speaking from experience lol) . But with a some changes and some patience you can completely transform how you feel on wash day and all the days. Lets face it sometimes when your hair doesn't look good, you don't feel so good either.

Here are some reasons your curls might be "failing" on Wash Day, and how to fix them. 

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1. Come back down to earth sis (Your expectations are sky-high) 

Curly, coily, kinky hair aka afro textured hair is known to be quite stubborn and it sometimes feels like it has a life of its own. Sometimes you follow your own routine that you perfected and your hair just says no. I perfected a twist out once i want to recreate it for a special event i was going to. My hair just said no. It was like she was under pressure to be perfect or something and just couldn't hack it . Sometimes you can do everything right and your hair just says no. A sudden change in the weather such as an increase in humidity, sets you back. Sometimes you don't even have the same hair texture as the youtuber whose tutorial your following.  Setting strict expectations for what your hair must look or be like can set you up for disappointment. Of course, you want your hair to be amazing and it is! In it's own unique way. Instead of looking at you favourite youtube dreaming for his/her results change your focus to healthy hair and try not to shape a vision of ' hair perfection'.

2. Go compare!! (Make trial and error more effective) 

What i mean by this is experiment with products and test them using different ingredients. For example there is no point trying products ABC and D if they all have the same ingredients. Once you have realised that a product doesn't wor,k look for the reason why. Check the ingredients list and research the ingredients. If you notice ingredient X makes your curls dry out, search for a product that has the same purpose without ingredient X. For example, some people find sulphates and silicones ruin the health of their whereas other people don't feel this way.

3. It is all in the method. Check your method.

Each hair type and porosity requires a different  application method . Curly hair is complex. Often even the LCO or LOC  Method that is recommended, doesn't actually work for everyone. However, for some hair types, oils simply do not work because it weighs the hair down. For example, my hair just likes liquid oil or liquid cream. And you can say I've gone against all Natural hair golden LOC/LCO Method. My hair likes what it likes. I found what method works through trial and error and eventually you will too.

Photo by Black ice from Pexels

4. Dont' Rush

If you are in a rush you should not do Wash Day. I repeat, don't do it. First of all, you will not have the time or patience to carefully detangle your hair in sections. This will only lead to more breakage, causing the perception of slow growth or even no growth. (Your hair is constantly growing, if you don't see any growth after a month you probably just broke off your hair). Secondly, hair care products should carefully be applied to your hair. On a proper Wash Day, you should first divide your hair in sections then apply your product. I section my hair into 8 sections.

5. Try the Praying Hands Method.

The Praying Hands Method allows product to be penetrate into your hair, as you smooth the product down the length of your hair, from the roots to the tips. This method creates less frizz and highly defined curls. 

What has your experience been with hair fails? How did you figure how to get your hair to "behave"? What changed
We’d love to know how you overcame your hair fails, please don’t hesitate to comment below ;)