7 Places to get Black Hair Products in Japan

7 Places to get Black Hair Products in Japan 

Okay, so you decided to take the plunge and move thousands of miles away from home, to a new land. You wanted to begin again, start somewhere new, see a new part of the world or just find adventure. Japan. “Japan, of all the places?” they asked. “They’re are no black folk there!”, they said. But you did it anyway. You got your big girl pants on and DID THAT. I’m proud of you, girl! The question is what is going to happen to your hair though??


Here are the 5 places to get Black, afro-textured or ethnic hair care products in Japan:

  1. Hibiscus Beauty

Well duh, this blog post was written to encourage customers to buy hair products from our site. We have a lowest price guarantee- no one stocks hair care products with as affordable prices as we do. And we deliver in 2 working days*. We currently stock Cantu, Crème of Nature, Sunny Isle and many more! And we are always adding more collections. In addition to hair products we also sell braiding and crochet hair as well as beauty and skincare products. If we don’t currently stock an item, brand or collection you are looking for, please let us know in the comment section of this blog or on any of our socials. Click here to start shopping! 


  1. Amazon

The prices are a little steep (like double or sometimes triple what they would be back home) however, they do carry hair care brands like, Cantu, Crème of Nature and Shea Moisture. If these types of brand aren’t your cup of tea, unfortunately you might struggle.


  1. Asos

Asos has started to sell natural hair care products such as Cantu, Shea Moisture and Mane n Tail. They charge £20 for delivery and stipulate on their website that “orders are subject to Customs and Duty charges..”. Not the best but still an option.


  1. iherb

Recently iherb has started to sell Shea Moisture products! They have a range of natural hair care products that aren’t as popular too such as Giovanni and Palmer’s .


  1. luckyvitamin

This basically the same as iherb. They stock SheaMoisture products as well as brands like TheManeChoice and DevaCurl.


  1. Black Hair Salons

Black, afro textured hair care salons are becoming more popular in Japan, typically in the bigger cities like Tokyo and Osaka. Usually, the stylist will have a few products on hand to help style your hair and may sell them too. See “Black Hair Salons in Tokyo" for more on this.


  1. Facebook

Everyone and their momma, sister, cousin and auntie seems to know someone who sells random hair products online on Facebook. Typically, this is one person who may need to make some extra cash, so buys online and sells to people in need. Because of this their product prices tend to be extortionate. But people buy because it’s a basic rule of supply and demand. What can I say? 


If you know of some other places where you can get black, afro-textured or ethnic hair products online please let us know in the comments below! 

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