9 Ways to Look After Your Hair During Winter

Most people love summer. I know I do. Is it just me or does everyone love how their hair is in summer? It feels better, more moisturised. It seems to grow better,  you may even get more compliments. It's lovely, right. Unfortunately, it’s not summer, is it? We need to keep that “good-hair spirit” of health, moisture and growth in the winter months too.


Here are 9 ways to look after your hair in winter:


1. Shampoo Less

Washing your hair stripped your hair of the moisture and natural oils. The only way, I recommend shampooing your hair as often as you would normally is if you are actively going to moisturise your hair more often. This will combat the stripping effect of washing your hair.

2. Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!

Switch to a heavier oil-based moisturiser to lock in extra moisture. plaster dry cold air are not good for any type of hair it can cause dryness this dryness due to the cold weather can lead to dry brittle hair is more prone to breakage and split ends. A heavier oil-based moisturiser will allow water to evaporate more slowly, to protect the texture of your hair.

3. Deep condition.

Deep condition your hair weekly instead of bi-weekly, as your hair is drying out from the winter cold. Once a week you should slather your hair in deep conditioner. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes to really penetrate your hair shaft and allow that moisture to sink in. Consistency is key!


4. Leave-in 

Use your leave in conditioner more often if you are someone who puts their leave-in conditioner into your hair once a week do it twice and it if you’re someone who does it twice a week do it three times a week. In this case more is more. We all hear of people, YouTubers, hair gurus who always say “just use a dime-sized amount” No, we’re not trying to do that. We are trying to use like half the tub, okay?


5. Soft Silk or Satin

Use a silk or satin scarf (wrap it around your head) or pillowcase when you go to sleep. This will help moisture stay in your hair. Cotton sheets and pillowcases absorb moisture, remember that. You could also line your winter hat with silk or satin to stop split ends. Hats such as SLAPs by Grace Eleyae are recommended, you can also use them on an everyday basis, going out or going to bed.


6. Hydrate

This is particularly one useful if you live in Japan, but you need to hydrate your hair overnight. You can either do that by using a hydrating oil or cream additionally using a humidifier is amazing for your help your skin and hair at especially night. Drink water.


7. Don’t be silly

Don’t go outside with damp hair. 1. it’s bad, you will probably catch a cold 2. It can cause your hair to break as wet and cold it’s not good for your hair. Wet and cold hair puts you at a greater risk for breakage and if you have coloured hair makes the colour fade faster.


8. Avoid heat as much as possible

Avoid heat as much as possible. No, I'm not going to say air dry your hair, because that’s ridiculous. Not every hair texture allows for air drying. I myself tried air drying once and my hair was damp for three days. Three days, girl!  If you must use heat, use your blow dryer on a lower setting, it may take longer but heat styling sucks the moisture out of your hair. There’s a pattern to these tips: Ta Da! Moisture!

If you absolutely must use heat use a heat protectant such as Crème of Nature 7in1.

Even go as far as lowering the temperature of your showers or when you wash your hair. Hot water can suck the moisture from your hair leading to more brittle hair, vulnerable to breakage. Wash your hair with luke-warm water, no matter how lovely the hot water feels. You can wash your hair with cold water, if you’re crazy.


9. Leave your hair alone!

Stop touching it, manipulating it, put it in a protective style and allow it to just be.

Only touch your hair, when adding moisture of course!


If you have any new tips on looking after your hair during winter, let us know in the comments :)

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