10 Ways to Wear Braid Cuffs

By Ordinary Escapism  | 5.5.2021

Photo courtesy of @freshlengths

When you are born with naturally curly, coily, kinky hair you have the foundations of greatness. It only gets better from there. You can add pearls, beads, baubles you name it. But today's focus is... drumroll please... braid cuffs! These little or big jewels can be added to any style with ease. They can turn a basic hairstyle into something bold and beautiful. Don't believe us? Look at all the gorgeous styles we love below.

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Braid Cuffs
Braid Cuffs

Braid Cuffs


1. Box Braids

This is some dope art! Who knew you can never have too many braid cuffs. 

Photo courtesy of @flongala

Photo courtesy of @mynaturalhairjoint

2. Twists

These small-to-medium shoulder-length twists are made even more trendy with these added jewels.

3. Cornrows

Add some glamour to a classic!

Photo courtesy of @freshlengths

4. Afro

These dainty curls are easily amplified by the braid cuffs. 

5. Buns

The easiest way to tuck your ends in. Why not make an easy hairstyle even better. Acessories make and outfit why not use them to jazz up your hair!

Photo courtesy of RootedColors via nappy.co

6. Locs

These gorgeous twisted locs with the added braid cuffs, give a sense of regality.

7. Bantu knots (aka chiney bumps)

These bantu knots can easily to applied to the perimeter or whole head. Everything looks better with a little gold!

Photo courtesy of ChiziDuru

8. French Braid

Look at this! Pops of colour make the accessories shine a little bit brighter. Would you try this? 

9. Afro Puffs

These curly afro puffs are too cute! The addition of these little jewels turn this style from basic to beautiful. This is especially great if you have short hair and can't split your hair down the middle and create afro puffs.

Photo courtesy of @simply.nishh

Photo courtesy of StayGlam

10. Braided Bantu Knots

Besides being a cute hairstyle, this is also a great way of protecting your ends.

What has your experience been with braid cuffs? How do you keep your hair looking all kinds of cute?
We’d love to know, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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