How To: Oil Rinse

By Ordinary Escapism  | 16.12.2021 

I have 4c hair that is VERY dry...

When I say dry, I mean sahara-desert-dry. Like, you-can-rub-two-strands-of-hair-to-make-a-fire-dry. Due to my hair being sooo dry, I started to implement oil rinses, and oh my golly gosh!. They really, REALLY work. 

What Is an Oil Rinse?

Simply taking your favourite oil or mixture of oils and applying them to your hair (not your scalp, you don't want a greasy scalp). You let the oils penetrate the shaft of your hair to add shine and moisture. Then you rinse your hair.

How to Oil Rinse

Step 1. Take around 3 tablespoons of your chosen oil or create your own oil mixture.
Step 2. Apply oil/s to you hair and let it sit on your hair for around 20 minutes. I like to apply heat to really make the oils get in my hair as I have super dry low porosity hair that likes to let oil sit on it. I add a heated deep conditioning cap to my head. You can also add conditioner to the oil for extra moisture. I only do this when my hair is really really dry. 
Step 3. Rinse with luke-warm water.
You can perform an oil rinse whenever you need to wash your hair or whenever you like really.
If my hair is dry when i am taking it down out of a protective style such a box braids or crochet braids I like to add oil and let it sit while I take 

What Are The Benefits Of Oil Rinsing?

  • moisture retention
  • makes hair smoother & softer
  • gives hair a natural shine
  • reduces single-strand knots
  • eliminates frizz

What Are the Best Oils to Use For an Oil Rinse?

Coconut, Olive and Avocado Oil are great oils to use as they really penetrate the shaft.
Applying one of these  oils will help your hair retain water. They are guaranteed to leave your hair softer and moisturised, without making your hair feel heavy and weighed down. I personally use Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil as it penetrate the shaft of my hair and really make my hair feel soft after rinsing. It contains coconut and olive oil too! 

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