The Perfect Rice Water Hair Rinse


Here are 5 steps to a new all natural protein treatment. 

Before reading this post please check out Rice Water for Hair What & Why.

The Perfect Rice Water Hair Rinse. 


  • Rice 
  • Distilled or filtered water (Spring Water is best)
  • Grapefruit Peel

Use plain white rice, sticky rice is even better.

Please note: Brown rice is too protein rich to use. Don't use cooked or instant rice, they have less nutrients.


  1. Rinse the rice, wash rice thoroughly between your fingers and discard the rice.The rice water should be very cloudy.   



  1. Boil the rice water you’ve made with, grapefruit peel for 10 to 15 mins.



  1. Ferment in a glass jar with a lid for 1 week, up to 1 month. Preferably store in a dark cupboard. The longer your ferment the rice water mixture the stronger the protein treatment.



  1. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner then apply the rice water to your hair. Use a basin and cup to keep applying the rice water. Make sure the basin catches the rice water a repeat for 2 minutes.


5. Cover your hair with a plastic cap or plastic bag (yes, I still do this) and leave it to sit in your hair for 20 and 30 mins.
6. Rinse out and condition if necessary. Complete this treatment every 4-6 weeks.


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