Tips from a Lazy Natural

Some people have dedicated their life to the health and length of their strands. We've all seen YouTube videos where the girl with the long hair spends the whole day doing her hair routine. You can be that girl too without spend sooo much time. To be completely honest a 8 hour hair routine is not realistic for students, working mums, or people who just want to enjoy their weekend. Other people don't spend that much time and still have beautiful healthy natural hair. Those who "don't bother so much with their hair", are called "Lazy Naturals"

Here are tips on how to be a Lazy Natural and not focus on your hair like all the time.

1. ‘Set It And Forget It’ 

Low Manipulation or Protective Styles. Check out our blog post with the same name for more.

2. Work in Big Sections

Wash in sections, detangle in sections, just use sections. The bigger the sections the better (but not too big). Section your hair into atleast 6 sections.

3. Keep it Simple

Simplify wash day. Do you need to pre-poo, shampoo, condition, deep condition, hot oil treatment, detangle then style every single wash day? No. So, why are you making it so hard for yourself. Simplify it! Shampoo, deep condition then detangle with the deep conditioner in wash it out and style. treatments don't need to be done every wash day. For example protein treatments should be done every 4-6 weeks. Hot oil treatments can be done every other week.

If you want to really simplify wash day, wash and deep condition your hair, whilst in your protective style.


4. Keep your hair moisturised

Moisturise your hair twice a week.

5. Scalp massages

Do a scalp massage once in a while.


6. Satin/silk pillow case

Lay on a silk or satin pillow case to prevent your hair for loosing excess moisture, from ordinary cotton pillow cases. This is great if you're a natural who forgets to wear a silk or satin scarf to bed. Or if you're just lazy.


If you know of any "Lazy Natural" hair tips, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments. :)

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