5 Reasons Why Your Extensions Itch

We all have met or been that girl walking down the street with her DID. She has some form of extensions whether it be box braids, twists or whatever. She looks gorgeous with her new hairstyle, but what is she doing. Yes. That. She is tapping her head. She only does this, because she’s in public. If she were home, she would be scratching her head like, “a lot with anything she can find. Her nails, a pen, or even the pointy end of a rat tail comb. Yeah, I said it. While scratching brings temporary relief, it harms your scalp and hair. 



Here are the 5 reasons why your extensions itch:

1. It’s your first time.

    • Like all first times, they suck. You know, there’s that awkward adjustment period before you get into the swing of things. Yeah well, getting extensions for the first time is just like that. A part of the “adjustment period” is a bit of itching for the first few days. Your scalp is just getting used to the added weight of your extensions and all that newness. After that, the itching will subside.]

2. You have dandruff.

    • Mate, that’s a problem I can’t help you with... You should probably get some dandruff shampoo and call it a day.

3. You’re a sweaty betty.

    • Working out is good for your health and all that jazz. You know that. You should also know that sweat and dirt can collect on your scalp after that crazy ab-blasting workout, causing itchy scalp.

4. You’re ashy, sis.

    • Maybe its winter, that’s another reason for itchy scalp. The dryness of the air due to either the cold outside or your warm A/C setting can cause your scalp to be stripped of its protective oils. Just like when your knees and elbows are ashy, you know what to do. Moisturise! 

5. It’s not you, it's the hair

    • A lot of synthetic hair tends to be coated in an alkaline base which can cause crazy itching or public patting. If you are using human hair this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

    Prevention vs Solution

    Prevention tips

    1. Make sure your hair has been washed thoroughly before installation. Regular washing and conditioning after installation will help to keep your scalp clean, resulting in less itching.

    2. If dandruff is the culprit, continue using your anti-dandruff shampoo and/or any other products that help to soothe your scalp.

      3.Make sure your scalp is clean and moisturised before getting hair extensions. Then wash the braiding hair with a mixture of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water to prevent your hair from itching after install. 1 cup of ACV in a sink full of water or basin. Let the hair sit in the solution for about 20 mins, you will see a white slightly bubbly film. Rinse and repeat until the water remains clear.

      4. Having a “great hair care routine” will also prevent itchy scalp. Don’t worry we’ll get to that.


      1. Use the Crème of Nature Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, a unique deep cleanser, perfect for removing weekly product build-up without stripping hair of its moisture. This rinse will make strands smoother, softer and add Exotic Shine.

      2. A cheaper alternative is to make an Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse- a concoction of ACV, water and an oil of your choice.

      Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse


      2-4 tbsp of ACV (or you can just eyeball it)

      Half a litre of water

      1 tbsp of a carrier oil

      1-2 drops of an essential oil (optional)


      Put the hair rinse in either an applicator bottle or spray bottle and apply only to your scalp and then rinse with luke-warm water. Be careful to avoid contact with your eyes. It will burn your eyes, worse than chlorine! Let the mixture sit on your hair for 1-2 minutes. Then, rinse throughly.

        NOTE: If your hair is unbearably itchy and nothing seems to work, then you should book a consultation with a hair care professional.

        DISCLAIMER: This post was not written by a haircare professional, merely a hair care enthusiast. Check out other blogs written by ordinaryescapism!

        If you know of any reason, prevention tips or solutions for itchy scalp please let us know in the comments! :)

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