Our Story

We created Hibiscus Beauty, because you shouldn't have to spend extortionate amounts on imported multicultural hair and beauty products.

Our Mission

To provide affordable hair and beauty products to the multicultural community living in Asia.

Our Vision

To become the largest online multicultural hair and beauty community in Asia whilst:
• encouraging knowledge about hair and beauty products,
• promoting businesses in Asia which cater to multicultural hair.

Our Values

Customer Support

We are determined to deliver the best possible customer service to all our customers. No matter how small a question, we will be there to answer.

Team Work

At the Hibiscus Beauty Office, we work with a common objective and we look for collective recognition. We know that together we are stronger. Thanks to our differences, we complement each other to meet all our daily challenges.


We believe in us because we believe in you! Passion for our products is the key of our success. We personally try and test all products before we market them to our customers. If we don’t believe in the brands we sell, why should you?


We are learning something new everyday. We are constantly, actively seeking new ways to grow our company and develop new skills as a team. 

Our Promise to You

Whether you’ve just moved to Bangkok or thinking about a long trip around Asia, we want you to feel confident that you will be able to look after your hair anywhere in Asia. Our commitment to providing you with products that are suitable for all hair types has given us the recognition to be known as Asia’s No 1. Leading Supplier of Multicultural Hair and Beauty. Wonderful hair is only the beginning, we want you to have it all: outstanding customer support, a community to grow and share your stories with and confidence in yourself no matter where you are. Because you deserve it.

“Why are we here? To keep your crown from falling off, queen!”

Love, The Hibiscus Beauty Team xo